What Happens When You Raise Your Vibration?

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Finding blocks in reaching your desires? Raising your frequency to a higher vibration might make life flow. Here are some views on what happens when you raise your vibration and how to live in tune, ‘in the flow’…

can I raise my vibrational frequency

What does raising your vibration mean?

Raising your vibration means increasing your energetic frequency to evolve in consciousness to a more advanced state of being, aligning with more positive emotions and experiences.

The idea behind raising your vibration is that everything in the universe is made up of energy and has its unique frequency. When we are feeling good, we are operating at a higher frequency, and when we are feeling bad, we are operating at a lower frequency. Raising your vibration means intentionally shifting your thoughts, emotions, and actions to align with a higher frequency.

Can we raise our vibrational frequency?

The view of the psychiatrist, Dr David Hawkins, and one adopted by numerous self-help teachers is ‘yes’, by switching your mindset and behaviour, you can raise your ‘vibrational frequency’ in the field of consciousness.

Chart based on Hawkins’ scale of vibration

Graphic based on Dr Hawkins' frequency chart showing vibrations evolving from shame at 20 up to enlightenment at 700+
Based on Dr Hawkins’ vibration scale of consciousness

The raising of vibrations chart comes from Sir David Hawkins MD PhD and his book, Power Vs Force (Amazon affiliate link), which covers levels of consciousness in which he defines a vibrational scale of 1 to 1000 in a Map of Consciousness. His thinking emanates from his understanding of particle physics, nonlinear dynamics, and chaos theory.

Many self-help texts that refer to high vibrations or low vibrations in the context of personal energy are based on Hawkins’ work.

How to raise your vibration Frequency

Getting back to…Can we raise our vibration frequency? The vibrational frequency meaning corresponding to Dr David Hawkins’ work indicates ‘yes’, we can raise our vibration frequency.

Here are examples of how to raise your frequency:

  • Practicing gratitude
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness are all ways to raise your vibration
  • By focusing on positive thoughts and emotions, you can attract more positive experiences into your life
  • Taking care of your physical body by eating nutritious foods, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly is also said to help raise your vibration

Changing thoughts and words

Simply changing your words and your thoughts can raise your vibrational frequency. Mantras, affirmations, and prayer can elevate your frequency.

An example of a powerful prayer for raising your vibrations…

St Francis Assisi Prayer

For tips on how to vibrate higher, see my article listing 10 best ways.

What happens when you raise your vibration

To understand what happens when your vibration is high let’s look at this concept of high vs low vibration energy.

High vibration energy

From levels of consciousness (energy fields) that Hawkins depicts in his book comes this idea of a sequential rise in consciousness coinciding with an increase in frequency or vibration of energy.

Referring to people or things as high vibrational means they radiate positive vibes. There’s this loving energy flow.

For me, high-vibrational people are those with whom I feel an air of calm and peace when in their presence.

Vibes that uplift our life force in raising personal vibration include truth, courage, acceptance, reason, love beauty, joy, and peace, as Hawkins mentions in Power vs Force.

Signs of a Low vibration person or thing

In contrast to those in the evolved part of the energy vibration scale, low vibrational people or objects don’t project this ‘feel-good’ air.

At this level, fear is a major factor. Fear of failure, fear of attack, fear of loss, fear of rejection, concentrate at this level.

Fear is one of those low-vibration emotions that when you sit and contemplate on society, you realize just how much of our world is driven by it, from sales pitches to new policy enactments.

Don’t hook into fears. They are the blocks to living in the flow.

A low vibrational relationship definition is a relationship based on fear.

Fear kills any joy in the gift of life. It strips you of opportunity. My take is that, as a vibrational being, basing actions and reactions on fear denies you so much.

Chronic fear is the greatest impediment to speaking intuitively

– Tamarack Song, Author, Becoming Nature

Other emotions or traits that resonate at this level are falsehoods, guilt, shame, guilt, hatred, pride, and hopelessness.

Vibrational frequency – The Hard Science Connection

What is a vibrational frequency, technically? Vibrational frequency is the rate or speed at which matter vibrates starting with the basic units of atoms and molecules. Hertz (Hz) is the base SI unit of measure for frequency, defined as one cycle per second (cps).

You might see frequency at times measured in beats per minute (BPM) or revolutions per minute (RPM).

The above is more or less the hard-science vibrational frequency definition. Although, the technical term for vibration is oscillation.

Energy and vibration

More from hard science…

The universe is made up of energy. This energy of the universe is ever-present in one form or another.

Physics tells us this: energy transfers and transforms. It never disappears in a closed system. This is the law of conservation of energy, also known as the first law of thermodynamics.

This means all energy that’s ever existed continues to exist in the same total quantity.

At the lowest basic level of all matter in the universe, i.e. the atom, energy is stored, by transferring it between two forms (and thus oscillating), at a certain speed (frequency).

The smallest particles to the largest units of the universe vibrate.

Energy, frequency, and vibrations

Put simply, tiny particles make up the living and non-living forms we see and due to a cycle or transfer of energy, these particles vibrate at a certain rate, meaning at a vibration frequency.

So, all living and non-living objects in the world vibrate and resonate at various frequencies and hence have a vibrational frequency.

It may seem strange to think of yourself as “I am vibration”. But yes, you are made up of atoms and molecules. And, science tells us that atoms of molecules are forever vibrating and at varying frequencies, depending on the bond between them (Chen et al. 2013).

So, everything you see is vibrating, though not visible to the eye.

You could say, vibration is the heart of substance since it’s a phenomenon within and around us…that affects us and everything that stores energy.

Everything in life is vibrating

– Albert Einstein

The why of raising your vibration frequency

For me, the personal synchronicity experiences I shared elsewhere are what have led me to take a look at the concept of vibration frequency and what it means for subconscious connections.

Apart from this, it appears the benefits of raising your vibrational energy are many and nest under finding fulfilment in relationships and joy and purpose in life.

As author and consultant, Tamarack Song, indicates, high vibrational beings are “…able to draw upon the deep understanding and empathy that is intrinsic to connecting intuitively”. See also my article on The Empath Intuition Connection.

Understanding vibrational energy in this spiritual realm

The energy of love may be referred to as God, Heart, Spirit, Truth, consciousness, the Universe, or Higher Intelligence – some examples of entities mentioned speak about high vibrations.

How to vibrate higher with modern technology

It’s not so much the human-made ‘superhighway’ of connecting ‘everything’, but rather it’s our use and consumption of social and news media that need moderation if we want to vibrate higher.

loving energy flow

“We separate from the love of the Universe by giving purpose to pain and thinking power comes from outside sources.”

— Gabby Berstein (2016)

Be aware of a narrowing perspective and low vibration from the use of mediums on the Internet.

My view is to use the Internet to your advantage. Source ways to raise your vibrations (See below).

Also, go offline as much as you can. Schedule this if you have to.

An alternative

The ‘ask the Universe’ (for want of a better term) approach will deliver direction, wisdom, and insight. And, it comes from a source that is neutral, meaning it has no interest in making money from you.

Ever open a book at the exact page you needed? Ever taken the wrong turn and end up at the exact place you needed to be? This is living in the flow, a natural intuitive system signposting the way.

Your life flowing naturally means you’re likely to experience synchronicity, intuitive answers, and ultimate mind freedom – what I call living intuitively.

Which would you rather guide you…the human-made or the natural system of interconnection? My own experience prompts me to choose the latter.

Benefits of raising your vibration

The benefits of raising your vibration include calming your nervous system and being in a state of flow where intuition guides you and things fall into place.

High vibe energy attracts wisdom and insight to get you where you need to go to fulfil your desires.

Raising your vibration can bring a multitude of benefits, including increased energy, improved mood, better focus, greater creativity, enhanced intuition, stronger immune system, and an overall sense of well-being.

By raising your vibration, you may also attract positive outcomes and opportunities into your life, as well as deepen your connection to the universe and your own spiritual nature.

Another perspective on advantages: Higher vibrations of energy generate gratitude, beauty, integrity, joy, and trust.

This article covered energy, frequency, and vibration in the context of how we live and interact in the world within and around us. It’s a natural phenomenon of the vibrational way of being and the flow of energy.

Striving + Stress + Struggle ≠ Success

Be in union with the energy of the Universe.

Energy = Power

Alignment = Happiness


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Other reading

Mathematician Steven Strogatz’s 2003 book “Sync: How Order Emerges from Chaos in the Universe, Nature, and Daily Life” 

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