Life Force Energy: Spiritual Vibrations Or Woo-Woo?

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Many separate cultures of the world acknowledge a high-frequency energy force affecting our lives that’s invisible but real. Sounds woo-woo (or MAYBE not), right?

Spiritual Vibrations And Life Force

Invisible life force energy

The concept of a vital life force has been around for eons, independently born in various cultures across the world.

A search of the Internet and a few literature items gave me this list of different names given to a vital energy force that animates life…

PranaHindu, BuddhismAssociated with breath
Qi or ChiChinese TaoismFlows through meridians of the body
KiJapaneseEnergy in martial arts
ManaPolynesian, Maori, Kahunas, HunasSpirit power
OrendaAmerindians, Indigenous North American peopleDivine energy in Nature. Associated with Shamans
OdAncient Germans
Coined by Baron Carl von Reichenbach in 1845
Energy that’s everywhere and manifested consciously by some people
ŠaktiSanskritEnergy of a deity*
Bioplasmic energyRussianFrom the study of parapsychology
KaEgyptiansFrom the soul
PneumaGreeksBreath of life
SahalaBatakSoul or spirit of one’s own strength* 
SektiBalineseDivinely inspired gift or power*
*Source: Monica Janowski, 2020

These spiritual vibrations ARE said to be the energetic resonance of your soul and the environment around you.

This idea of a ‘life force’ arose independently in different cultures around the world.

Such synchronicity is interesting to say the least. Why the multiple dawnings of this phenomenon? There has to be something real going on here?

Spiritual vibrations meaning

Spiritual vibrations = energetic frequency or spiritual energy that you emit or receive.

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It is believed that every living being, object, and even thoughts and emotions have their own unique vibrational frequency. Spiritual vibrations are associated with the level of consciousness, inner peace, and spiritual awakening of an individual.

Science tells us we’re not just flesh and bones, but a buzzing ball of energy! Your body is made up of teeny-tiny particles that never stop moving, zapping energy all over the place. This means you’re not just taking up space, you’re actually sending out vibes and creating energy waves.

Energy as electrical field

Everything is in constant motion and vibration at the atomic to molecular level with electrons constantly moving around the nucleus of an atom, creating a fluctuating electrical field.

Physicist Max Planck proposed the idea of atoms having unique vibrational frequencies in early 20th century. Numerous scientists have expanded upon this knowledge, leading to a better understanding of the nature of matter and energy (e.g. via vibrational signatures).

This movement and vibration of atoms can transfer from one atom to another, which is essential for heat transfer and sound propagation.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.

~ Albert Einstein

The vibration between atoms is a fundamental aspect of the physical world, and understanding it can help us understand a wide range of phenomena, from the behavior of materials to the workings of the universe at large.

Do you have high spiritual vibrations?

People with high spiritual vibrations are said to have a greater connection to the divine and the universe, while those with low vibrations may experience feelings of negativity, anxiety, and depression.

You get the gist from the above that the two concepts, spiritual vibrations and our vital life force, overlap. Spiritual vibrations and frequency could very well be a modern way of explaining our energy life force.

Whether or not they spawn from each other, focusing on positive thoughts and emotions and other ways of raising our vibrations can have a positive effect in elevating our energy levels – that’s my take. What’s yours?

Life Force Energy as named in 12 cultures around the world and the meaning to these cultures.

While there is no scientific evidence to support the idea of spiritual vibrations and frequencies, many people find the concept helpful in their spiritual practices. The belief in the power of positive thinking and emotions has been shown to have a positive impact on mental and physical health. Therefore, whether or not spiritual vibrations and frequencies are our life force, focusing on positive thoughts and emotions can certainly have a positive impact on our lives.

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