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Fun Intuition Test and Intuition Games

Because intuition helps with problem-solving and making decisions, here are some fun games, involving an intuition test, to help develop your intuition.

Intuition is “a brain process that gives people the ability to make decisions without the use of analytical reasoning”, according to Live Science May 20, 2016.

Intuition Test

How intuitive am I? An intuition test might help. This is where you answer a set of questions in a quiz to find out. Or, you can play a brain game like the following.

You might find you are one of those people with high intuition.

Intuition Games Are Brain Games

According to National Geographic, “Intuitive senses combine all natural senses with each person’s own life experience.”  

And about an intuitive test…

“Intuitive training is a form of physical training where people listen to their bodies for cues as to how they should work out.  People do not subscribe to an intense fitness program, but rather look to their bodies and intuition for guidance.”

National Geographic, Brain Games Facts: Intuition, 24 August 2014

National Geographic has this simple intuition game to test your thinking…

Just For Fun Intuition Games to Play

There are some fun intuition games to play on apps where you can check and train your intuition. Here is a link to one called Extra Sense – Intuition Games.

Then, there are the following simple everyday fun ways to develop and test your intuition. Give yourself permission to intuitively know things.

Notice Everything

Take time to sense what’s around you. How do things look, sound, smell, and feel? The more you notice things the more you feed your intuitive knowledge. People who trust their intuition might find one or more senses feed into that power.

Try Picking Up Vibes From An Object

Try holding an object and tuning in to its vibrational frequency. What does the object tell you? What images appear in your mind, or thoughts enter your head? Do you get any feeling in the pit of your stomach? This is a test of people with strong intuition.

Try Automatic Writing

Get a piece of paper and just write, without questioning. For this to work, you need to quieten your mind and sit comfortably in a relaxed state. Sometimes, a few moments in meditation will be needed. This is a way of opening intuitive channels.

Randomly Open A Book For Messages

How intuitive are you? Hold a book, close your eyes, ask yourself about something, and then open the book and read a random passage on the page. Is there an inner meaning for you? The next step: write it down to keep track of how intuitive are you.

Try Guessing the Mood of People

Watch people walking past and try to guess what sort of day others have had or what might be their current mood.

Make sure you make this fun. Try to avoid interference from preconceived ideas related to their dress or hairstyle. Focus on body language and vibrational signals. If you have a strong intuition about someone, note it down for later.

Final thoughts

So how does this all work? See my article on the Science of Intuition. Also, the list of books on intuition has some worthwhile reading matter to help understand and develop your intuition.