Welcome to Heart of Substance, a site dedicated to helping you live intuitively so you can reach your goals whether they be for work, home, or relationships.

Listen to your heart of substance

Many of us dream of living and loving the way we intend. We want to be happy and no longer struggle. Just knowing the right decisions to make can mean a huge difference. For many people, logic and reasoning dominate their actions and behaviors, and they feel trapped because of their decisions.

On this site, we hope to not just show you how intuitive thinking is important, but also help you to know where to start living intuitively.

If you are like me you have had (or know of someone who has had) lived-experiences in regards to intuition. Science is only now looking at this as a legitimate subject with benefits for management, education, and many other areas of advancement in our modern society.

I founded this site because of an interest in being guided by intuition and a curiosity about the synchronicities in my life. I don’t profess to be a neuroscientist nor a psychologist. I base my articles on literature research and my own opinion and experiences.

Hi, I’m Mary-Anne, the founder of this site. I know intuition exists because I have a strong preference for it and it has guided me on many a successful journey. Though I have a background in scientific research and a sound understanding of how science works, with a PhD and MSc in the field of living systems, I am not a brain scientist. I write about intuition because I have an inner voice urging me to do it.

follow your dream, Mary-Anne Jones, site founder.