Signs of Synchronicity: Real Life Examples

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Have you ever had a weird experience – signs, recurring names or numbers, coincidences that you think about till you’re going crazy? Such a coincidence (with meaning) that occurs with no causal link to the correlating event ...

Synchronicity of numbers seems a common experience for some

This article covers synchronicity examples, signs you might find intriguing, like your own, perhaps. It includes real life experiences...

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Here’s how you might think about synchronicity when it happens: Was that a sign or purely a coincidence without meaning? There are too many coincidences, does this have some sort of meaning?

The great thinker and Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, first coined the term, synchronicity, in 1930 to describe a meaningful coincidence.1 Jung was interested in the realm of the unconscious with aspects connected to the ‘deeper non-personal dimension’ – the collective unconscious.

What does synchronicity mean? It’s about coincidences with no causal link to the correlating event and which are meaningful to you, the person involved.

Synchronicity effects show no causal link between the two events that are correlated.

Martin & Carminati 2

Carl Jung’s example of Synchronicity

  • “A young woman I was treating had, at a critical moment, a dream in which she was given a golden scarab. While she was telling me this dream I sat with my back to the closed window. Suddenly I heard a noise behind me, like a gentle tapping. I turned round and saw a flying insect knocking against the window-pane from outside.”

Apparently, this young woman Jung was treating in psychotherapy was highly educated and “rational”.

The scarab appeared at the window and was a synchronicity symbol to Jung.

The right place at the right time

Experiencing synchronicities can feel like being in “the right place at the right time” in a way that seems almost magical or fated. It’s like the universe is sending you a message or guiding you towards something significant.

When synchronicities occur, you may feel a sense of awe, wonder, and connection to something greater than yourself. It can be both exhilarating and comforting to witness these seemingly random events align in a meaningful way.

A woman told me of her story of synchronicity. She and her husband came from a small country town. She had lived in the ‘bush’ (as she called it) all her life and dreamed of one day living at the coast. In her 60s, she had gone through radiation therapy for breast cancer but was now in the clear.

She described the following as ‘the right place at the right time’.

It was her husband who suggested they relocate because he knew it was her dream. At first she thought it unlikely they would sell and never did much about it. But then this one day she happened to look in Facebook (which she rarely did) and saw a buyer looking for a home just like hers in their little township. What a coincidence!

A contract was drawn up with the buyer offering them several thousand more than the value given by the real estate agent. Not long after, they were at the coast looking to buy. The fourth house they looked at… they both fell in love with and are now living in.

She told me how everyday she wakes up full of gratitude and in amazement that she is living her dream. She is a strong believer in following signs from the ‘Universe’.

Personal Story of Synchronicity

One of my own life examples of synchronicity involves a time I was away visiting a friend when one morning I found my watch had stopped. It was not long after that I received the shocking news of my father’s passing. The timing seemed to correlate with the stopping of my watch.

I returned home, soon after, to find all the clocks in my house had stopped, though at different times. Nothing could explain it and I am left wondering about these unexplained coincidences. Was my father trying to send me a message from another dimension?

Jung noted synchronicity as a phenomenon occurring, above all, during emotional situations 1, such as death, illness, and accidents.

Finding love is also an emotional situation and perhaps the reason for love synchronicity signs.

synchronicity and love connections

I have a male friend whose three primary loves, his mother, his wife, and his first-born daughter all share a specific birthday.

If you believe in explaining coincidences using probability, the odds of three generations sharing the same birthday are 1-in-48 million (one in 365 x 365 x 365), according to Statistician Cristina Anton.

Compare this to a 1-in-3000 chance of being struck by lightning in your lifetime. 4 

Anton is quoted in the Global News of September 25, 2017 regarding such a case in Canada, as saying: “The probability is very, very low” … “If we fix the date, that date – [for the Canadian case] Sept. 22 – for all of them, the total number of possible birthdays for this group of three people is huge. It’s 365 x 365 x 365.”

Cristina Anton, a mathematics and statistics professor at MacEwan University, said the likelihood of three people sharing a specific birthday is about one in 48 million.

Kim Smith, Global News

A 2018 report of a similar coincidence in the UK with three generations born on the same fixed day (June 30) also mentions the probability of one in 48 million, this time from bookmakers, Ladbrokes. 

Some coincidences are more unlikely than others and people wonder about destiny meanings.

Is it coincidence or is it fate? Certainly, the birthday connections here seem more than random occurrences.

Being in the midst of synchronicities can evoke a sense of being on the right path or making the right choices. It can instil a deep sense of trust in the universe and the belief that everything happens for a reason. Meeting a romantic partner can feel like this. But it may not always be what you think it is – See my article on spotting relationship red flags.

Inter Personal Signs of Synchronized Thought

Another example of synchronicity with another person is when two related people, either twins, brother, sisters, or friends, buy the exact same item without having consulted each other beforehand.

This is “the occurrence of events that happen at the same time by accident but seem to have some connection” 2.

The feeling of being in sync with the universe can bring about a state of flow and harmony, where things effortlessly fall into place and opportunities involving people seem to present themselves at just the right moment.

How or Why Synchronicity Happens Between Two People

The results of a 2014 psychobiophysics study “suggest that mindfulness, when present, can regulate coordination dynamics and increase interpersonal synchronicity” 5.

Mindfulness is a form of meditation. My article: Developing the Art of Intuition Through Meditation, covers how such practice opens unconscious channels.

Professor David Hand – Statistician and the Psychiatrist, on Spreaker explains the probability of coincidences.

Independent multiple discoveries

Examples of synchronicity of ideas is seen in multiple discoveries also known as simultaneous inventions, which, in Lobowitz et al words ” is the hypothesis that most scientific discoveries and inventions are made independently and more or less simultaneously by multiple scientists and inventors.”

Interpreting Signs From the Universe

Is synchronicity a sign from the universe?

Experiencing multiple coincidences in your path – increased synchronicities – may seem like strong signs from the universe; like it’s definitely trying to get you to pay attention to something.

Repeated Signs and synchronicities

An example might be where you read the same ‘key’ words or phrases in unconnected articles or where the same number or name pops up again and again. Another is where something happens at the right time indicating you are on the right track.

See also: Seeing 111? Symbolism of Numbers Meaning in Synchronicity

What is synchronicity trying to tell me?

There was a time, years ago, when the last three digits of my car number plate, my work phone extension, and my home phone number all matched. I hadn’t noticed it until a friend pointed it out to me and to this day I have no idea what these coincidences meant – more of those unexplained coincidences.

I’ve had numerous occasions in my life where certain numbers pop up that seem more than just random occurrences.

Final Thoughts

Could we consider these experiences along the lines of highly developed intuition and also Jung’s idea of a collective unconscious?

Some see meaningful coincidences as synchronicity signs from the universe. Others discount such occurrences as random events with logical explanations. In reading this, consider that people often resist ideas that break their established belief system.

When Galileo discovered the moons of Jupiter with his telescope he immediately came into head-on collision with the prejudices of his learned contemporaries.

Carl Jung, Synchronicity An Acausal Connecting Principle

My thinking on synchronicity tends to align with that of Bernard D. Beitman in that everyone and everything is connected by an invisible network. And that unobserved “energetic information” is exchanged via this network. Some of us, possibly those living intuitively, pick up the signs and signals more so than others.

It’s really up to you. Opening your channels to intuitive thinking and accepting synchronicity as signs means loosening restrictions of prejudice and stilling the noise of logic.

What are some weird coincidences you have experienced?

What has been your most life changing experience of synchronicity?

Interested to hear in the comments below. Have you experienced strong signs from the universe?


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36 thoughts on “Signs of Synchronicity: Real Life Examples”

  1. There was a time a few years ago when I became close to a man. That man gave me a very obscure and unique nickname. He was not available for a relationship at that time and our closeness confused him. He took a small vacation to a different country to think things through. It was before a major election and everywhere he looked there were signs encouraging people to vote for this politician who’s last name just happened to be the same as the very unique and obscure nickname he had given me. He brought some of those signs home and gave one to me. We were both amazed. It seemed like a synchronicity, but it wasn’t the right time for us and everything unraveled shortly after that. I still think about those signs though.

    • Hi Melissa, It seemed as if you had an external validation of a meaningful connection between the two of you, however long it lasted or for whatever reason. It is always intriguing. Coincidences offer possibilities but not certainties for life (according to Bernard Beitman, author of ‘Connecting with Coincidence’). Perhaps, the two of you during that time were resonating on the same frequency in what Jung proposed was the ‘collective unconscious’. Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. Interesting article but would be better if the statistics were presented more accurately.

    The italicized paragraph on Prof. Anton’s calculation of the probability of three people (selected at random) sharing the same specific birthday (1/365 to the third power, or about 1 in 48 million) is accurate.

    The phrasing in the preceding paragraph refers to a shared birthday among three people, not a specific birthday. In this case, since the first person obviously has some birthday, the probability becomes that of the next two people selected at random having that same birthday, which is 1/365 to the second power, or about 1 in 133,000.

    Also, there is no such thing as the Law of Numbers. There is a Law of Large Numbers, but it refers to an entirely different concept than the one described in these paragraphs.

    • Hi Harry, My story refers to 3 members of a family having the same specific birthday, the same as the three generations referred to in the reports corresponding to the probability given by the statistician, Anton. I used the figures reported by statisticians to be close to accurate in this respect (as much as probabilities can be). Hopefully, you’ll find the rephrasing in the preceding paragraph represents this and addresses your concern. Re the ‘Law of Numbers’, this admittedly was used loosely here and not pertaining to the field of mathematics. Such a term exists, however, defined by an early philosopher (Renouvier), but since the connection is not clear, I’ve decided to replace the phrase altogether. Thank you for your welcomed input.

  3. I think if we know how to read synchronicities they can come in handy, and maybe even act as a reminder, or encourage us to do things as opposed to just wondering what if. I’ve had several meaningful coincidences. one time I shared a song with a group of friends and one of them liked it so much she looked up for covers of that song. Long story short, she casually ended up meeting two musicians who’ve made a cover of the song. That’s a very special memory. I think she’d still have met the musicians, but she wouldn’t have had a funny story to tell. The world is a small place.

    • I went on first date with my gf. A bird flew over me and hit me hard on the date. We laughed and still in relationship.
      But after we went into relationship I kept on seeing time 11:11 12:12 and just patterns in number on phone. Most of the time. And we shared few coincidences on the moment together.
      She is more of logical person so she said it’s random coincidence. But I don’t know what to make of bird hitting my face on very first date. It didn’t hurt much though just red eye for a day.

    • Thanks for sharing your story. Birds know things intuitively. I’ve seen where they seem to know a storm is on the way and take shelter in advance of its appearance. Perhaps your incident was a random event. Or…the bird had you in its sights. Only you can interpret the meaning. Synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence to the person experiencing it. Always look at the world in wonder. It’s full of surprises. Best wishes for the future.

  4. I have recently had an experience which lead me to search this topic. I had a friend who died suddenly and I had no idea that he died. On the day of his funeral, I just happened to pass a funeral procession. I took notice to it because it was not the typical type of procession. This contained motorcycles, classic cars and tractor trailers and the union and company he worked for. I thought of him at that moment. 3 hours later I saw a txt message from another of his friends telling me of his passing 6 days before. Any interpretation of this would be helpful to me in trying to sort this out. I’m a very practical person but these events inspire me to want to know more.

    • Thank you for sharing your story. Interpretation of synchronicity comes down to what is meaningful for the person experiencing it. For you to be inspired by these events indicates you and your friend had a meaningful connection. The loss of someone close like this is associated with synchronicities (Jung refers to this). From that perspective, consider your relationship. Was this friend saying goodbye? Wanting you to know of their passing? That they cared for you? Form a practical perspective, you could ask yourself what is the likelihood that you would pass your friend’s funeral procession. Do you normally travel that route? Do all funerals pass by that route? Would noticing an associated link, ie. the union and company, naturally prompt thoughts of such a friend? Re the txt from another friend, could this be a normal courtesy procedure in this group of friends? The meaning is yours to interpret. Best wishes, Mary-Anne

  5. I recently experienced a synchronicity event which also my sister had as well at the same time. Except sum where similar to both of us. But mine leaned more toward twin flames or being on the right path. I didn’t know if I was experiencing it because my sister was. We both were at a depression stage. Sum things we both experienced was thinking the shows on TV we’re speaking right to us. Even the radio stations. Also I felt like people where judging me as well. Also mine leaned more toward evil vs non evil..heavenly an hell.. it didn’t happen tho till I watched a mediation video on opening your 7 charkas or third eye. So im not sure if it was a physic awaking or an spiritual awakening. Very confusing that i still can’t come up with a final conclusion .

  6. Hi, I find synchronicity fascinating and I wonder if my son’s recent experience falls under that label.
    Over the last few months, every time he looks at a clock, at any time of day or night, and purely randomly, the numbers are inevitably double similar digits like 7:11, 5:22, 11:33 etc.
    It’s uncanny and we can’t help but think that there is some meaning in these occurrences.
    Do you have an explanation? We would be grateful.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Christine, Thanks for reaching out with this story. “Why am I seeing repeated numbers” interests me also. I have experienced this phenomenon myself with triple numbers and learned of their meaning. For example, 111, which is said to mean spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Another one I get is 444, which is said to mean protection and encouragement.
      Although I can’t answer your question right now, I will research the topic further and see if I can get information helpful to readers. So keep an eye out for a future post about repeated numbers and what they symbolize.
      Kind regards

  7. Lately I have been experiencing synchronicities in a rather weird way. It seems as if everything I say people say it back to me in the same words. Example: I once told a friend about my previous employer and I told him that I worked at a office. Couple of months later, I bump in to a local friend at the bar and in between a joke he says something along the lines of “I use to go to this strip club called the the office”, which never existed in our area and I never mentioned nothing like that to him. In the past year I’ve experienced meeting up with a person I was dating 11yrs ago, bumping into a friend that we weren’t on good terms with, attending godfathers funeral to 2 weeks later receiving a premonition that my grand father passes away, a recent friend telling me about a job doing the same thing I am going to do without me even knowing I was going to apply there. Things are so weird and I feel like anything i say can come true and dont hope to say anything that can hurt my family and freinds in anyway.

    • Remember this: There is no Truth in lack or limitation – Wisdom from Florence Scovel Shinn, Your Word Is Your Wand

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  9. I had gotten into a car accident on my way to work one day. The other driver T-boned my car and left it totaled. I had to go to the hospital for a concussion the next day (without realizing I had one the day of). About 12 hours after the accident, the massacre at the Las Vegas Route 91 Festival happened. I had a lot of friends and family working near or at the venue that night, and luckily none of them got injured. RIP the lives lost that night.

    • Thanks for sharing your story. This was a tragic event. So it was your accident that saved you from going to the event?

  10. Just today I went into a beauty clinic, 3 of us in the room. The receptionist said your birthday is near mine isn’t it and proceeded to tap away on her keyboard…
    Turns out her birthday is the 13th of march I’m sat to her left mine the 14th of March and the lady to my left perks up and says no way! Mines 15th of March!!!!
    We all shared our ages ect… what are the chances? 3 of us consecutive days sat in a clockwise triad any suggestions on why I encountered such a weird experience??

    • Isn’t that wonderful! I’ve had similar experiences, with two or more people sharing my birthday, and I’ve marveled at the experience. For some reason your paths have aligned. If you were to try and work this out mathematically, the chance of three people in a room of three sharing the same birthday is low. There’s a mathematical explanation of the birthday paradox at Better Explained, if you want to look at this more.
      I think it’s like attracts like, resonating on a frequency that brings you together. This is in line with Jung’s theory of a collective unconsciousness and what psychologist, Marc J. Seifer, Ph.D. concluded from his research into possible scientific explanations for synchronistic phenomena such as this…”one way or another, synchronistic phenomena involve mutual vibrations.” He likens this to how one twin can initiate a thought in the other twin. This is from his book: Transcending the speed of light: Consciousness, Quantum Physics, and the Fifth Dimension available at Amazon, in case you are interested in reading more (just to be upfront – if you buy through this link I may earn a small amount, but at no extra cost to you).
      Thanks for sharing your experience!

  11. Just when I was reading this article, I was thinking about my life and the guy I like very much. It so happened that I was on the birthday story and I started to think about my birthday. And in the next it was my birth date, with the year changed and the year is the one closely related to the guy. OMG yess. Could it be a sign though, because I believe it is. I really love him

  12. I lost my daughter to suicide in 2007. Often when I walk alone I talk aloud to her as I find it helpful. Believe me, I have no expectations that I am reaching her. I am a logical, science-based, random universe person and she knew that about me. She, however, was very spiritual. One day I asked her for a sign. When I got home, I sat in my backyard and a hummingbird came to my window boxes. I had never in 30 years seen one there and haven’t since. The hummingbird flew over and hovered very close to my face before flying away.

    • Thank you for sharing your story, Becky. It gave me a few goosebumps.
      What came to mind on reading your story was that the hummingbird was bringing you joy.

      And, this fits with their spirit animal meaning (which I looked up). They are considered a bringer of joy and that the hummingbird symbolizes joy and playfulness.
      I think you might relate to this.
      Best wishes.

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  16. 7 months ago I started seeing a man from Texas, a die hard Texas long horn fan. 7 months ago when we started dating I started to see Texas license plates. At first I thought it was a weird coincidence. However, me and this man has stopped communicating and distance ourselves for the last 2 months. The Texas license plates, state embolism, conversions, etc. Has significantly increased. The funny part is I told a friend recently about what I was experiencing and she thought the universe was telling me something. Later that day someone side swiped her car resulting in a rental while it was being fixed, lol, she called me to let me know that her car had Texas license plates. I live in Indiana and the mystery of these events has me baffled and I am convinced they are connected somehow to this man I was seeing.

  17. There’s a man I’m interested in, but had a falling out with, that has a specific tattoo of his cousin’s shop that I’d never heard of until meeting this man. He continually spoke of this shop every time we saw each other. After our falling out I was at a drive thru window and I saw where someone had placed the shop’s sticker under the food window. A week later I was getting a tattoo and saw the sticker again. Interestingly, I’d been in that tattoo room prior to meeting this man and noticed the sticker, but thought nothing about it and simply put it out of my mind. The sticker is very small and I’m surprised I even saw it either time. Also, it turns out the tattoo artist is friends with the cousin who owns the shop. I have been hoping for a reconciliation and saw those stickers and the artist knowing the family as a good sign.

  18. The day before the Oklahoma bombing, a co-worker left for a Murrah Building morning appointment. Delays forced him to stay in a motel outside the city. He set his wrist alarm and the room’s clock radio. Both malfunctioned, and he was driving in just after the explosion.

  19. Greetings! Very helpful advice on this article! It is the little changes that make the biggest changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  20. Its like you read my mind You appear to know a lot about this like you wrote the book in it or something I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit but instead of that this is fantastic blog An excellent read I will certainly be back


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