Photo Quiz: How Good is Your Intuition?

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If you want to test your intuition, try this quiz.

It’s a fun and interactive way to challenge your intuition and develop your intellect.

See how well you perform. You might be surprised at what you discover about yourself and your intuitive abilities. Remember, intuition is not a mystical power that only a select few possess. It is a skill that can be developed and honed with practice.

Here’s how to Do this Intuition Quiz:

  1. Relax first. Try a few deep breaths with eyes closed.
  2. Read the question.
  3. Answer it out loud or in your head.
  4. Then click on the image to see if you got it right
  5. Share it with your friends and have fun

Tip: Intuition comes to us more so when we are in a relaxed state, as in an Alpha State of Mind. Try doing this after practicing meditation or other mindful relaxation technique and see how well you go.

What color rose is this?

I have modified this photo to make it grayscale. Can you trust your gut on the real color of the rose in the photo. Take your time. What does your mind’s eye see or sense?

What color is her top?

Try having a hunch at this? Take your time. Close your eyes. If you are a visual person, you might see a color. Trust your gut and click the image to see the color revealed.

which of these 3 cards has the king of hearts?

In this intuitive test, look at the three cards. Let your mind’s eye center on the card that has the King of Hearts. Click through to see how well you are in tune.

Which of these labels did I highlight?

I highlighted one of these 16 labels. Rest your eye on the one that comes to mind. Click through and see if it is the one I highlighted.

What color are these shoes?

Here’s another one I changed to grayscale. What does your intuitive self tell you about the shoes? What color beams at you. Click on the image and see if it matches the one in the photo.

How many pegs did I choose from this pile?

I have a pile of wooden pegs. I needed a number of these for my intuition and creativity project. How many did I choose?

Which cup has the number 3 written on it?

I laid out three cups upside down on the table. On one of these cups I wrote the number 3. Can you pick which one it was?

What fruit am I holding?

I enjoy eating fruit. I have a piece of fruit in my hand. What is your hunch as to what it is?

Under which cup did I hide a strawberry?

Under one of these cups is a strawberry. Concentrate on the image for a while…now what to you foresee? Click through to see which cup hides the strawberry.

Don’t worry if you didn’t get many right. Practicing these exercises is what helps build your ability and stretches your brain power for decision making.

Doing this quiz can relieve stress also as it distracts from the burdens that may be draining you.

It’s a fun exercise to become more self aware.

Intuition is a powerful tool that we all possess. It is the ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning. It can be a useful asset in decision-making, problem-solving and even in predicting outcomes.

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