10+ Best Ways For Raising Your Vibrational Energy

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Hawkin’s scale of vibration shows us what emotions sit at the low end, e.g. fear and guilt, whereas love and joy are vibes high on the scale of vibrational energy and where most of us want to be. So let’s look at how we can elevate to or engage with those higher frequencies…

Here are 10+ 15 documented ways for raising your vibration frequency.

How to raise your vibrational energy?

Try one or more of the proven techniques I’ve listed here. Make a daily practice of one or more that resonate with you. Adopt others as you feel more comfortable and confident with the techniques. A habit tracker can help – see my article on daily habits of successful people.


Meditation is a definite approach to raising your vibes. I have always felt more content and positive after I meditate. The best tip is to find one that resonates with you – I wrote a whole article on it including the many different types of meditation.

If you are new to meditation – I highly recommend Live and Dare’s Master Your Mind Beginner Meditation (affiliate link). You’ll get an experienced teacher Giovanni Dienstmann taking you through the steps. This way you will learn good techniques that will stay with you, including how to deal with the wandering mind and invasive thoughts.


Prayer is another way to raise your vibration. My favourite prayer for this is the St Francis of Assisi prayer because it asks for all the higher vibrational emotions to replace those that drag us down.

St Francis of Assisi Prayer, prayer for raising vibrations

Mantras and chanting

A mantra is a sound vibration and mantras are specifically designed for accessing higher energy.

The best-known and most recited mantra is ‘Om’ (or Aum) which in Hindu it is said to represent the sound of the creation of the world.

There are many mantras offering a peaceful vibration.

It works this way: In repeating a mantra so it sinks deeper into your consciousness unlocks a powerful but subtle energy force within you.

Yoga poses

Yoga poses and techniques can bring awareness to self and help clear blocks. Prana is the life force referred to in Yoga texts. Asanas that ground us and the use of the breath are yoga techniques to help with raising vibrations.

Mindful practices

Mindfulness is about being present in the moment. Mindfulness in this context is about being aware of what’s around you.

It’s taking a moment to take in the things in your surrounds in detail. What do you hear? What do you smell? What tiny details do you see? What textures do you feel? It’s sort of gives you this feeling of zoning out – at least for me – the while you’re honing in. It helps give you a sense of calm.

Consider your thoughts and let them slide without much attention. Imagine them as clouds that float by.

Doing a body scan is another way to be mindful to help you raise your vibration. See if you can detect tense muscles, then try and relax them, visualization and breathing techniques can help.


Try saying positive affirmations to counter negative self-talk.

  • Always use present tense, e.g. I am…, I can…, I have…
  • Always use the affirmative rather than the negative way of speaking, e.g. will vs won’t – I will be joyful vs I won’t be fearful!
  • Replace weak or ‘maybe’ words, such as ‘could’ or ‘like to’ with strong affirmative wording.

Example affirmations for raising vibrations

  • I am a powerful individual.
  • I am loved.
  • I attract success into my life.
  • I have a supportive network.
  • I am on the path to achieving my goals.

Acts of kindness

Helping others not only gives them joy but it makes you feel good inside and raises your vibration.

Simply being mindful of conversations and how we speak of others or how we act toward others can elevate our vibes.

Other ways are volunteering or help with worth causes.

Here’s another idea: You could volunteer to read to a resident of an aged persons home who has lost useful sight but enjoys a good novel.

Gratitude journaling

Gratitude journaling is a powerful way of switching from negative to positive thinking. The basic process is to contemplate and write down in a journal each day at least three things for which you are grateful.

I cover this whole concept in my article on journaling for intuition.

Spend time in nature

Spending time in nature to take in surrounding natural beauty is one method that helps people shift negative energies.

Nurture your relationship with nature and feel the energy of the birds, plants, and animals in your surroundings.

Energy healing therapy

Energy healing therapies are based on human vibrational energy and “demand has been particularly high in the area of energy medicine (or energy healing)” according to Nguyen et al 2018.

Energy therapy practices, such as Qigong, Zen Shiatsu, and Reike, involve working on the chakras or energy centres of the body to remove blockages and allow energy to flow.


Let’s face it. The giants on the Internet are geared to sell us stuff and services and, in some quarters, constrain the diversity of thought in their own interest in making money. And, fear is often a factor in driving the uptake of these.

Social media can be the worst drain of vibrational energy. Schedule time for social media if you have to. You could also have a social-media free day

Aromatic essential oils

Aroma and fragrance can be uplifting to our senses but also a way of raising our vibrational energy. This can be a personal thing. I can say from my own experience that orange essential oil has an ‘energetic’ or uplifting effect, lavender a calming and patchouli a lingering relaxed feeling of being all of which is good for stress relief and that in itself raises your vibration.


Wearing crystals or having them in a prominent place in your home provides a powerful statement toward raising your energy.

Examples of crystals used for raising vibrational energy:

  • Black Obsidian or Tourmaline – protection from negative energy
  • Tiger’s eye – success, intuition, insight
  • Rhodonite – Love, self-love
  • Agate – Balance, harmony
  • Citrine – Abundance, money

Music / sound

Music to your ears can also be music to raise your vibration. This includes the sound of waves crashing on the shore, bird songs in nature, a waterfall, the rippling effect of streams and so on.

What’s said to be effective in this area is the Solfeggio Frequencies. The Georgian Monks used these during meditative chanting with six tones resonating at frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum. Each have been aligned with body chakras as follows:

396 Hertz (Hz) – Root Chakra (Secure and safe – freedom from fear and guilt)

417 Hz – Sacral Chakra (Creativity – Relief from past trauma)

528 Hz – Solar Plexus Chakra (Personal Power – Transformation)

639 Hz – Heart Chakra (Relations)

741 Hz – Throat Chakra (Expression, Communication)

852 Hz – Third Eye Chakra (Intuition)

The Seven Chakras


Colours affect our mood. This is bigger for some people than others. Maybe some are not aware of the effect of colours on their psyche. Colour therapy links into this effect.

Colours are the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that we see, the visible light, where red (~400nm) is the lowest and violet (~700nm) the highest of these energy frequencies.

Source: Wikipedia

You will notice how the 7 chakras correspond to the colours. You can use colours to boost your energy in these areas.

Examples of using colour in your life for boosting your personal energy:

Have an interview or important meeting – wear blue for communication success.

Feeling low in confidence – wear yellow for personal power.

Feeling the need for protection from negativity – imagine white light surrounding you.

Feeling down – choose high vibrational colours to lift your spirits.


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