How To Interpret Synchronicities Step By Step

interpreting synchronicities

Do you keep seeing coincidences? And wonder ‘what do they mean’? How do you interpret synchronicities? Here I cover what experts say on interpreting them, including a step-by-step methodical approach for doing that. Coincidences that seem out of the ordinary yet meaningful are intriguing, amusing, and mystical even. They can make us question our very …

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16 Theories About Synchronicity (From Weird to Probable)


You do have these meaningful or hard-to-explain coincidences. Jung coined synchronicities in his theory about why coincidences with meaning happen. But what other theories exist on synchronicity? From sceptics to believers, let’s take a dive to see if they help us find meaning in this uncanny realm. Synchronicity: Carl G. Jung (1875–1961) introduced the term …

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What Happens When You Raise Your Vibration?

can I raise my vibrational frequency

Finding blocks in reaching your desires? Raising your frequency to a higher vibration might make life flow. Here are some views on what happens when you raise your vibration and how to live in tune, ‘in the flow’… Can we raise our vibrational frequency? The view of the psychiatrist, Dr David Hawkins, and one adopted …

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How Synchronicity Works. Can Science Explain it?

science explain synchronicity

It’s an interesting phenomenon. Some consider it pseudoscience. Carl Jung defined it decades ago. You may have experienced it and, like me, are intrigued by it. So, how does synchronicity work? Can science explain it? This article looks at how synchronicity works from what science tells us. I can’t help but agree with Davide Wilcox’s …

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Seeing 111? Explaining Synchronicity of Numbers

HoS feature image

Why do I keep seeing repeated numbers or patterns in numbers? Does it have a special meaning or is it a mere coincidence? Are you baffled by the symbolism of numbers in your life, but at the same time intrigued? Me too. So let’s look at what numbers symbolize, the meaning of repeated numbers, and …

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Signs of Synchronicity: Examples in Life

meaningful coincidence, synchronicity

Have you ever had a weird experience – signs, recurring names or numbers, coincidences that you think about till you’re going crazy? Such a coincidence (with meaning) that occurs with no causal link to the correlating event is a thing called synchronicity, a known and also interesting phenomenon. This article covers some signs of synchronicity …

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