Developing Intuition: The Crucial Alpha BrainWave Benefits

alpha brain waves

Achieving an alpha state of mind has profound benefits for living intuitively. This article sums up the alpha brainwave benefits if you’re interested in developing intuition, the how-to, and why. Alpha Waves Definition What are alpha waves? Brain waves or neural oscillations at a frequency of approximately between 8 and 13 hz (or cycles per …

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Fun Intuition Test and Intuition Games

intuition games, intuition test

Because intuition helps with problem-solving and making decisions, here are some fun games, involving an intuition test, to help develop your intuition. Intuition is “a brain process that gives people the ability to make decisions without the use of analytical reasoning”, according to Live Science May 20, 2016. Intuition Test How intuitive am I? An …

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Intuitive people: 10 Industry Leaders On Trusting Intuition

famous, intuitive people, intelligent

Do the best leaders rely on their intuition? A stack of successful artists, inventors, and media personalities have refered to intuition for success. Here’s a list of 10 intuitive people, leaders in their field, to inspire you in trusting your intuition. See also my article on Wizards of Intuitive Vs Rational Mind. 1. Niels Bohr …

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Science and Intuition. Is intuition scientifically proven?

science behind intuition, science of intuition

Today, intuition is a legitimate subject of scientific inquiry. There’s no denying intuition exists. Countless well-known people acknowledge it and there are intuitive people who show signs and ‘live’ it. In this article, I pay attention to science and intuition, that is, what the research tells us about intuition. As far as science goes, is …

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Signs of An Intuitive Person. 5 Traits They Display

traits of intuition, signs you are psychic

Do you ever wonder whether you’re ‘psychic’? Could this be you? We can all tap into our intuitive abilities and there are countless well-known people who acknowledge intuition. This article looks at some basic traits and what it means to be an intuitive person. Intuitive Person Traits What are the signs of an intuitive person? …

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Wizards of Intuitive Mind vs Rational Mind

intuition power, intuitive mind vs rational mind

Your intuitive ability helps with making the right decisions in life. I believe (and so do others) that we are all born with intuition, the power that we lose when we enter school. We don’t get to develop our intuition like we do our logic-driven mind. The intuitive mind vs rational mind is not entertained because …

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