Science and Intuition. Is intuition scientifically proven?

science behind intuition, science of intuition

Today, intuition is a legitimate subject of scientific inquiry. There’s no denying intuition exists. Countless well-known people acknowledge it and there are intuitive people who show signs and ‘live’ it. In this article, I pay attention to science and intuition, that is, what the research tells us about intuition. As far as science goes, is …

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Signs of An Intuitive Person. 5 Traits They Display

traits of intuition, signs you are psychic

Do you ever wonder whether you’re ‘psychic’? Could this be you? We can all tap into our intuitive abilities and there are countless well-known people who acknowledge intuition. This article looks at some basic traits and what it means to be an intuitive person. Intuitive Person Traits What are the signs of an intuitive person? …

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Wizards of Intuitive Mind vs Rational Mind

intuition power, intuitive mind vs rational mind

Your intuitive ability helps with making the right decisions in life. I believe (and so do others) that we are all born with intuition, the power that we lose when we enter school. We don’t get to develop our intuition like we do our logic-driven mind. The intuitive mind vs rational mind is not entertained because …

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How Intuition Helps In Decision Making

define intuitive, gut feeling in relationships

Imagine if you could pay attention to your intuitive thought processes and use it to help you know the right choices faster when faced with critical decisions. Think about it! Wouldn’t life flow better? Here, I cover how intuition helps us with decisions, plus some tips on how to develop intuition and get the benefits. How Intuition affects decision …

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Instinct vs Intuition. When to Trust Your Gut Feeling


Is your gut feeling always right? Knowing when to follow your gut or trust your inner voice is a common dilemma. Are our instincts and intuition the same? There are certain differences to spot between instinct and intuition and whether you can ‘trust your gut’. In this article, I look at these differences, including when it …

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Signs You’re Highly Intuitive

smart thinking, intuition

Other people ‘just know’ how to get where they want to go in life! Why not me? The thing is we all have this innate ability of intuitive thinking. It just takes some tuning in to (or rather tuning out of the noise around us). Or maybe you do show signs of being highly intuitive. …

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