Is Your Gut Feeling Always Right? Intuition vs Fear


Sometimes it feels like you need to trust your instincts in relationships but is it really intuition? Here’s my take on how to listen to your intuition in relationships and answer to: is your gut feeling always right? Is your gut feeling always right in relationships? Regarding that gut feeling you have in a relationship, …

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How to Awaken Your Intuition Through Meditation Journaling

HoS feature image awaken intuition journaling

Wanting methods to tune into your intuition? Here I cover how to awaken your intuition through meditation journaling and include meditation journal prompts to help. What is meditation journaling? Meditation journaling is jotting down feelings, thoughts and revelations that surface while in a meditative or deeply relaxed state. The idea is to write without overthinking …

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60+ Intuition Quotes [Text & Images]

Quotes on intuition

Intuition quotes inspire us to listen to that inner voice of guidance, whether in business or in our personal lives. You’ll find the following inspirational intuition quotes and sayings helpful in promoting and developing intuition. I’ve compiled these inspirational quotes on intuition from authors, spiritualists, scientists, artists, educators, and more. What did Einstein say about …

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Women’s Intuition: the Woman Instinct Never Fails Idea

women's intuition

The power of a woman intuitively (or instinctively) knowing which choice to make for her family is greatly undervalued – do you think? It’s compelling to read women’s intuition stories for appreciating this phenomenon. You’ll find these in places and I’ve added a few here while incorporating the paradigm of the ‘woman instinct never fails’… …

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How To Develop Intuition: Training & Fun Intuition Exercises

intuition exercises, train intuition, intuition training

Are you wanting ideas on how to develop intuition? Intuition training can require a conscious effort that not everyone easily grasps. The following has 10+ intuition exercises including some fun approaches that can help develop intuition use in everyday life. As I mentioned in my article on developing the art of intuition using meditation, “traditional …

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How To Increase Intuition Through Meditation

meditating for intuition development

Are you wanting to develop crystal clear intuition? While developing your intuition is not taught in class, a practice of meditation helps ready you for heightened intuition. This is because a quietened mind resonates at a frequency conducive to the flow of intuition. In this article, I cover how practicing meditation can improve intuition and …

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