Seeing 111? Explaining Synchronicity of Numbers

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Why do I keep seeing repeated numbers or patterns in numbers? Are you baffled by the symbolism of numbers in your life, but at the same time intrigued? Me too.

The power of numbers

What is it, with numbers, that sparks your interest?

It’s the repeated numbers, and number synchronicities in real life.

Maybe you’ve seen the same number displayed sequentially and thought – that’s interesting? You’ve seen the time displayed on your mobile device, oven timer, or similar, and see double, triple, or quadruple numbers. And then, within a short period of time, you see this repeated elsewhere.

Is this just by chance? Does it have meaning?

I’ve had numerous occasions in my life where certain numbers pop up – they seem more than random occurrences. I wrote an article about this: special meanings or mere coincidences?

About Symbolic Numbers

A symbolic number is not about the quantity it represents, but rather, something more than the number itself, something invisible, a sign or association – a symbol. 2

Numbers and their meanings have fascinated humans for an extraordinarily long time.

The interpretation [of numbers] is one of the oldest symbolic sciences

Laroche (1995) 2

In ancient times, Babylonians assigned numbers to the movement of planets and used these to predict eclipses, etc.

We find Greek philosophers (like the Pythagoreans) who believed that the universe ran on numbers in harmony.

Apart from high moral values, the Pythagoreans believed in the power of numbers; that everything is a number, or can be reduced to a number.

Their ideas were established by the Greek philosopher, Pythagoras of Samos (6th century BC).

‘All’ is numbers, Pythagoras supposedly said.

Pythagoras was foremost a scientist, a mathematician, who contributed to ground breaking concepts.

He wasn’t just your ordinary mystic. Pythagoras proved the Pythagorean Theorem, irrational numbers, and 3D solids — the tetrahedron (4 sides), cube (6 sides), and octahedron (8 sides), among others. 1

The Pythagorean Theorem expressed as an equation

Plato, the Greek philosopher, who came later (4th century BC), also believed in the power of numbers.

“Plato states in the Republic (VII, 525f.) that the study of numbers has a great and elevating effect since it compels the mind to reason about abstract numbers and that a philosopher should also be an arithmetician.” 2

In modern society, we find a variety of symbolic number associations in use, including biblical text 3, dream interpretations 4 and angel numbers.

Biblical Number Symbolism

The biblical text provides numbers, often repeated and people use these associations to find meaning.2, 3

Significance of Numbers In Dreams

Bruce King (1897-1976), a leading authority on the dream world under the pseudonym, Zolar, considered that numbers in dreams symbolized events. 4

He concluded meanings for numbers, from 1 to 50, and then larger ‘significant’ numbers between 60 and 1390.

spiritual meaning of numbers

People who see angels as their spiritual guides would be interested in angel numbers.

Kyle Gray, an authority in angel guidance, developed Angel Numbers (see the link below). Like others, to him, numbers have vibrational values.

His Angel Number interpretations come from his time spent in meditation inviting angels to reveal the messages behind the numbers. These numbers are divinely channelled, not calculated.

The concepts are similar to the number symbology of the Pythagoreans.

List of number Meanings

I prompt you to always seek positive meaning in the numbers appearing in your life when interpreting such synchronicities. You’ll find some theories that range from weird to probable about such meanings.

You should understand where the science stands on this topic.

The symbolic associations I’ve listed here are from a review of literature sources. Be aware that no meaning is set in stone.


From Gray’s angel numbers, 0 represents new beginnings, doors opening, or God.

Number 1

Number 1, aka unity, signifies “the universal and omnipotent One, the Creator of all things”. 1 This originates from the Pythagoreans Tetractys and Decad (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10), of which 1 is the lead-in number.

Angel numbers agree on this meaning.

From Zolar’s interpretation of dreams, number 1 symbolizes ambition and passion.

Double 1 (11) in Zolar’s dream interpretation means “Will struggle with a litigation”.

Number 2

The meaning of 2 is union, connection to others and love. This is seen in Angel Numbers and is a common meaning attributed to 2.

From Zolar’s, dreaming of a 2 symbolizes a final end to a romance.

The meaning of number 2 from biblical text is “valid testimony”.

Double 2 (22) in Zolar’s dream interpretation means “Will discover the secret of a scientific mystery”.

What does the Number 3 symbolize?

The association of number 3 is positive. It earned the highest mystical importance of the Pythagoreans, Greeks, and Romans as it symbolized the eternal Trinity as 1 plus 1 plus 1 equals 3. 1 The meaning of number 3 from biblical text is “perfection”.

The number 3 formed part of early rituals, legends, and history. 2

Favored in antiquity, it signified the resolution of conflict arising from dualism since it is the result of 1 plus 2. 2

Angel numbers agree, stating: higher power, expansion and the masters.

From Zolar’s, dreaming of a 3 symbolizes a fascination with religion.

Double 3 (33) in Zolar’s dream interpretation means: (if a man) will be honest; (if a woman) will have a miscarriage.

Number 4

To the Pythagoreans, the number 4 was magical, it signifies justice since 4 is both the product of 2 x 2 and the sum of 2 + 2. 1 It is also the first square (i.e. 2 squared) and the last of the first four numbers, which form the Tetraktys.

The Tetractys

The Tetractys is a perfect equilateral triangle.

Number symbolism
The Pythagoreans swore oaths of faith to the Tetractys – a triangular figure of 10 points arranged in rows 1 to 4. To the Pythagoreans, the Tetractys had both mathematical and mystical value, representing “the source and root of ever-flowing nature….” the four elements of fire, air, water, and earth.

In Greek music, the number 4 represents one of the 3 basic harmonies.

“Often the number 4 is symbolic of death and closely connected with death rituals.” 2 Just like the number 13, there is superstition surrounding the number 4. Interestingly, adding the individual numbers of 13 gives us 4.

Tetraphobia exists, primarily with an East Asian influence, with the number 4 omitted from buildings, addresses, and the like.

Number 4, like number 13, is omitted – By HIBIKIFLFlickr, CC BY 2.0, Link

From Zolar’s, dreaming of a 4 symbolizes great power and strength.

The meaning of number 4 from biblical text is “sense of totality”.

From angel numbers, 4 means communication, gifts expanding.

Double 4 (44) in Zolar’s dream interpretation means “will become an influential person”.

Number 5

The Pythagoreans regarded number 5 as symbolic of humanity. To them, 5 was the ‘nuptial number’, as it represented the joining of heaven and Earth (Magna Mater – the great mother).

In Greek music, 5 represents one of the 3 basic harmonies.

From Zolar’s, dreaming of a 5 symbolizes happiness in married life.

Ancient Chinese cosmology involved five elements: fire, earth, water, metal, and wood. And so the number 5 was significant. 9

Angel numbers consider 5 to signal changes, effort, action and input required.

Number 6

Number 6 signifies perfection. According to the Pythagoreans, it is the perfect number since “6 is the sum of all its divisors less than itself…such numbers are extremely rare and hard to find”. 1

In agreement, Zolar’s interprets dreaming of a 6 as a symbol of perfection in work.

From angel numbers, 6 means balance, intention required, and carefulness. This leads to the following…

The meaning of number 6 given from biblical text is “imperfection, man or evil”. 3 Perhaps this derives from triple 6.

Triple (6) 666: In the bible, Revelation, 666 is given as the number of the beast (Revelation 13:18).

Also, triple 6 (666) in Zolar’s dream interpretation means “enemies are laying a plot for you”.

Triple 6 is often interpreted as the devil and there is such a thing as hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia, the fear of 666.5 

What’s interesting about 666 is that is the sum of the squares of the first seven prime numbers (12 + 32 + 52 + 72 + 112 + 132 + 172).

Number 7

After 3, comes number 7 in mystical importance for the philosophers in ancient times.

In angel numbers, 7 signifies magic, manifestation, and divine inspiration.

Being the sum of 3 and 4, number 7 symbolizes the movement of the entire universe. 2

The Hebrews, Pythagoreans, Greeks, and Romans favoured the number 7 in teachings. 2

It is a key number in the Bible. The meaning of the number 7 attributed to biblical text is “completeness”.

From Zolar’s, dreaming of a 7 symbolizes you will be efficient and active during life.

Double 7 (77) in Zolar’s dream interpretation means “Will receive a favor from a friend”.

Number 8

The meaning of number 8 from biblical text is “new life”, from angel numbers, journey, growth, and spiritual lessons.

From Zolar’s, dreaming of 8 symbolizes the complete conservation of property.

Chinese attribute good fortune to number 8 and triple or more 8s (888) signify extraordinary wealth.

Number 9

The Greeks and Romans regarded number 9 as sacred. It is key in Greek mythology as well as the Bible. Angel numbers agree with this in that 9 represents self-mastery, union with higher self, and divine feminine.

The number 9 symbolizes truth. 2 This is because when 9 is multiplied by any number, the sum of the integers of the resulting number produces 9 (e.g. 9×5=45 and 4+5=9; 9×6=54 and 5+4=9; 9×7=63 and 6+3=9; and so on).

It also symbolizes the end of a cycle.

Correspondingly, the Bible has the 9th hour as the time of Christ’s death (Mark 15:34).

Traditional Chinese culture gave special meaning to the number 9, “…the most powerful yang number”, for similar reasons apparently. In Chinese numerology, the number 9 represents ‘completion’. 9

The Pythagoreans feared it. 2 And, superstition exists today around the number 9 as well.6 In Japanese, the sound for number 9 is similar to that for torture or suffering and so it has negative connotations in that country.6

From Zolar’s, dreaming of a 9 symbolizes affliction and uneasiness.

Number 10

The number 10 symbolizes harmony.

From Zolar’s, dreaming of 10 symbolizes happiness in the near future.

The meaning of number 10 from biblical text is “totality”.

The Pythagoreans believed 10 was the supreme number, the total of the numbers in the Tetraktys (1+2+3+4). For them, all came from 10 and all returned to 10.2

Number 12

The number 12 has close associations with wheels or circles. The systems encapsulating 12 as a completed cycle include 12 hours and 12 months.

Especially it is connected with space and time relationships. One of the most widespread symbols are the 12 signs of the Zodiac, which symbolize cosmic order.

From Zolar’s dream interpretations, 12 symbolizes having the best of everything.

It is a key number in the Bible.

The Bible refers to 12 apostles, 12 tribes of Israel, and 12 doors in Jerusalem. The symbolism of 12 interpreted from biblical text is “governmental perfection”. 3

Number 13

From Zolar’s, dreaming of 13 symbolizes treating things with contempt.

Many see the number 13 as unlucky. Some buildings will omit floor 13, airplanes row 13, and hotels room 13 because of the negative connotations this number symbolizes to potential clients.

Some consider this superstition. There’s even a word, triskaidekaphobia, defining the extreme superstition of the number 13.

Others see the number 13 as lucky. In ancient times, it was viewed positively but mostly it had no connotations. 7

The fear of 13 supposedly stems from an observation that “Judas, the betrayer of Jesus, made 13 at the table”. 7

Coincidently, there are 13 stripes on the US flag. The number 13 is common — try the green side of the US dollar bill for the many features that add up to 13.

What Does Seeing 11:11 Mean?

From angel numbers, seeing the number 11:11 on a digital clock means that you are one with the universe and to bring your thoughts into alignment with the “highest goodness and truth to bring love into the world”

In China, 1 signifies a lone man and four 1s stands for single men in general. This is the origin of the 11.11 or November 11 day of online shopping for singles.

1111 meaning, seeing 1111
Online shopping of China, 11.11 singles day sale concept

What Does Seeing 4:44 Mean?

From angel numbers, seeing the number 4:44 on a digital clock means that your spirit guides are with you. “Have faith.”

Number Significance In Dreams

(These are just a few more, according to Zolar 4, in Dreams)

16 Happiness and love

21 Everything will work out as planned

25 Birth of an intelligent child

50 Will forgive each other

215 – Calamity is near

350 What you hoped for will come soon

365 The stars are in your favour

1000 Will receive clemency

Science of Numerology

Distinguished mathematician, Professor Eric Temple Bell, in his book, Numerology, quizzes “Is there more science in numerology than there is numerology in science?”

You’ll find I’ve used Bell’s text “The Magic of Numbers” 1 to assign meaning to numbers in this article. Bell uses scientific reasoning to decipher the symbolism of numbers by the Pythagoreans.

Intellects regarded numerology a science, an orthodox method of research, in the 5th-4th centuries BC. 1

Today it’s considered a pseudoscience. 8

Chinese Numerology

In a separate part of the world in ancient times, China believed in the power of numbers. 9

Synchronicity of Number Symbolism

We see synchronicity in the meaning of numbers across cultures, e.g. Greek and Chinese.

An example: Number 9 symbolized completion 9 not unlike the symbolism given to 9 by the Greeks. I find this intriguing.

The Incredible Dr. Matrix

Researching this topic led me to a fascinating read, “The Incredible Dr. Matrix” by Martin Gardner (mathematics columnist of Scientific American) which intrigued me to the point of saying that numbers are present everywhere. If you actually feel inclined, you can attribute anything or everything to number arrangements.

Final Thoughts

Numbers are intriguing and you can have fun with them.

Our brains are wired to see patterns.

There are many associations regarding numbers if you are looking for meaning. Though, the numbers you always see and what they mean to you are yours to interpret.

Carl Jung described his term ‘synchronicity’ as a meaningful coincidence that is relevant to the person observing or experiencing it.

What has been your experience with numbers?

For More Interpretations From Angel Numbers As In this article:

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