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12 Books on Intuition To Understand & Develop It

Looking for that ‘gut feeling’ book? Wanting one or two best books on developing intuition? This article might have what you’re looking for. It covers a list of books on intuition for those who want to find out more about this topic!

Best books on developing intuition, list includes practical guides with examples, exercises, and step-by-step instructions on how to develop your intuition
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What is intuition and how does it work? Intuition is a natural ability we all have to understand the world around us. It’s that gut feeling or spark of knowing something is or isn’t right, or when you know someone really well and can predict what they’ll do in a certain situation. You might think of it as a “hunch” or an “aha! moment”.

I cover examples in my article about “women’s intuition” and on successful intuitive people.

in-tu-ition: The power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge without evident rational thought and inference

The following are books on intuition that can help you learn more about the topic. They are inspirational but many give practical instructions including steps and exercises to reinforce learnings of this valuable life quality.

The Power of Now

by Eckhart Tolle

This book is about living in the present moment and how to find peace. It’s a self-help classic that has sold millions of copies worldwide! It probably doesn’t need much more explaining than that.

Magic Path of Intuition

by Florence Scovel Shinn

This book is a classic and it tells the story of how you can uncover your own life’s purpose, or what she called “the law of preparation.” Shinn believes in the laws of prosperity and karma and other principles of living a higher life force.

Prayer is telephoning to God and intuition is God telephoning to you.

Florence Scovel Shinn

Shinn is one of my favorite inspirational authors and this is one of her books on intuition (pdf) you can read online.

Practical Intuition in Love: Let Your Intuition Guide You to the Love of Your Life

by Laura Day

Day is a New York Times best-seller author and a coach and this book contains her 7-step plan to intuition, the universe, love and more!

It’s a practical book and Day includes exercises for you to practice what you’ve discovered about her teachings. The steps are opening, noticing, pretending, trusting, reporting, interpreting, and integrating – toward developing your intuition.

Again written by an expert author who writes on using your intuition in daily life situations such as relationships, work or finances among others; she discusses how deep down inside each one of us there lies what our “soul” knows but which often gets buried under layers of fear from childhood memories and other limiting thoughts like “I’m not good enough”. This fantastic book shows you how to discover your own inner wisdom for success.

Developing Intuition: Practical Guidance for Daily Life

by Shakti Gawain

Written over 20 years ago but still just as applicable today! This book will help you discover creativity within yourself and find ways that it can be used every day.

This is another practical guide with step by step instructions to help with developing intuition. She includes inner guidance meditations and ways to relax to let your intuition work for you.

Shakti Gawain is one of my favorite writers in this area.

Radical Intuition: A Revolutionary Guide to Using Your Inner Power

By Kim Chestney

Another excellent book from an author that talks about the best way to use your intuition so that it becomes stronger everyday- strengthening us as well as our relationships with others because we have started living our lives through divine wisdom rather than “thinking” or logic alone.

The Art of Intuition

by Sophy Burnham

This book is a practical, step-by-step guide to the art of intuition. The author talks about how we are all intuitive and that this natural power can be developed through practice so it becomes stronger.

A Guide To Intuitive Living

Pandora Paloma

Paloma is a nutritionist and life coach who believes in using intuition to guide our body-mind connection. This is a great book for those who are seeking more than just happiness and want to live an extraordinary life!

It’s a 6-week guide that looks at the power of intuition, how it can be accessed easily by everyone and what steps you will need to take in order to reach your goals around intuitive eating and the mind-body connection.

Intuition on Demand: A step-by-step guide to powerful intuition you can trust

by Lisa K. PhD

This is a book about using intuition on demand, when you need for answers, decisions, and the way forward. Rather than intuition happening at random, the exercises in this book aim to teach you how to take control and use intuition at will.

It touches on how to understand your past, present and future. The author talks about how we can learn from our own life experiences and also those of others by paying attention to the clues or messages.

Part 1 is on demystifying intuition and Part 2 covers the technique, which includes a 10 point tool kit. She discusses how love relationships are often patterns that repeat themselves until you break free, as well as personal growth or stagnation cycles such as financial ones.

by Malcolm Gladwell

The author explores the advantages of intuition and how it can be a powerful tool. The author has an example on how a commander succeeded because he didn’t overburden his troops with information but worked instead on intuition and rapid thinking to fight the opposition.

Intuition: Knowing Beyond Logic

by Osho

In this intuition book by Osho, discover how a strong inner voice holds the key to staying centered after major life changes including death or divorce; negotiating with others who want something different.

Gut Feelings: The Intelligence of the Unconscious

by Gerd Gigerenzer

This is a book linking science with how intuition works. With stories of police detectives who get their hunches from body language or sports coaches able to predict a player’s next move just by watching them for a few seconds, Gigerenzer shows us that our intuitions are not only sane but smart as well.

The Power of Intuition

by Gary Klein

This book provides some compelling evidence that intuition is a skill born from acquiring skills, knowledge and training. The author also discusses the three key elements of intuition: pattern recognition – recognizing regularities in phenomena without being able to explain them; meaning-making – finding meaningful connections among disparate events (the basis for creativity); and decision making.

Tips for increasing your intuitive abilities in everyday life

Here are some tips to develop your intuition.

  • Sleep well and eat well
  • Get your body moving, like walking
  • Spend time in nature or doing something creative (painting, music)
  • Practice meditation to clear the mind.

The importance of trusting your intuition when making decisions

I wrote about the importance of trusting your intuition when making decisions.

The above are books about trusting your inner wisdom.

When you’re faced with a decision, it can be difficult to know what is right for you and your life situation. Whether it is choosing which career path to take or deciding what clothes are perfect for an upcoming event, trusting intuitive thinking will help lead you in the right direction! For those who want to start following their intuition but don’t quite know how, this post offers some tips such as sleeping well and eating well that can help enhance intuitive awareness. It also provides a list of books on trusting your intuition when making decisions so that people have more resources at their disposal if they find themselves needing

How to develop your own intuition — Books On Intuition

It takes time, effort and practice to develop your own intuition but these are definitely worth reading if you want to learn more about how it works or just need some motivation on why you should keep practicing!

I’ve compiled this list of books about intuition so people will be able to better understand and develop their own intuition.

Suggestions for best books on developing intuition

This is a short list of books that will help you to develop your intuition. These are some great books on intuition, which can help people learn more about the topic and get an understanding of how it works in our lives. If you have further suggestions, let me know in the comments.