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How To Develop Intuition: Training & Fun Intuition Exercises

Are you wanting ideas on how to develop intuition? Intuition training can require a conscious effort that not everyone quickly grasps. The following has 10+ intuition exercises including some fun approaches that can help build intuition use in everyday life.

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As I mentioned in my article on developing the art of intuition using meditation, “Traditional schooling is about advancing logical thinking. This has rewards, but logic only takes us so far”. 

Using your intuition can take you further.

Here, I list a number of intuition exercises, as a companion to my article on ways to develop your intuition.

Why Think About Developing Intuition

Tuning into your intuition is a powerful tool, not only for everyday life decisions but in serving your life purpose. It can guide you when making difficult decisions and in ‘just knowing’ what’s right or not in relationships, work, and life in general.

Power of Intuition

We see this with industry leaders who use intuition in guiding them in key situations. I wrote about this in my article on famous intuitive people.

Intuition is the key to everything, in painting, filmmaking, business – everything.

David Lynch, filmmaker

How to tap into your intuition

How to develop your intuition? One best way to develop intuition is to use games that make intuition training fun. Another is to incorporate intuition exercises that increase trust in receiving answers from that place of intuition.

There are also several books that give step-by-step instructions, which I list in my post on 12 best books on intuition.

How to be more intuitive? It helps to enter into ‘the flow’, which I cover in my post on alpha mind state.

Trust building intuition exercises

For intuition training, choose one or more of the below practices to increase trust in your inner guidance. 

1. Practice asking for guidance

Practice being open to seeking and receiving higher guidance to increase your trust in using intuition.  Here’s how: When you are not clear on direction, ask for what you need to know.

Expect to receive the answer. It may not come immediately. When it does it will probably feel like an ah-ha moment. It’s just that simple.

The trick is to let go of fear and anxiety (let go of worry).

In other words, have a willingness to listen and faith that it will be sorted. I wrote about meditation journaling as a way to access this.

It’s where you can use the power of flow and practice asking for guidance.

2. Observe

Look, learn, and listen. Tune into the inner and outer environment. 

Notice the elements that reappear around you, in your dreams, goals, or in what you are doing or creating. Keep a journal of these for clarity and patterns that arise. 

As I mentioned in my article covering the science of intuition,  intuitive thinking is based on detecting cognitive patterns. 

Intuition is…”The ability to implicitly learn and detect cognitive patterns, and to subconsciously combine information in complex ways to make correct judgments based on fragmentary cues.”

Sobrow et al

3. Ask – Bedtime Practice

You’ve heard the saying ‘sleep on it’ in regard to perplexing issues. If you are looking for answers but find they elude you…before sleep, relax and enter an alpha state (see my article on entering the alpha brain-wave level). 

Ask your question, think about it, and then let the situation go – with the expectation that the morning light will bring clarity. You can use this for a demonstration of your trust…  

Leave a half glass full of water beside the bed. Get relaxed, ask the question, and expect you will know the answer in the morning.

4. Learn to still your mind

For intuition to work, you need a relaxed state of mind. Practice stilling your mind.

Try focusing on your breathing. Slow breaths in and out can help bring you into a relaxed state.

Or, go outside and gaze at the Moon in meditation

Other ways to prepare you for that spark of intuition include taking a break and going for a walk, having a shower, practising yoga poses, and listening to relaxing music.

  • Music is a great way to relax and invite intuitive thoughts. 
  • Move your body in ‘flow’. Yoga is a form of moving that will centre you. Others include Tai Chi and similar forms of Eastern disciplines for the mind and body. 
  • Notice nature. Watch clouds forming and moving across the sky, waves rolling into shore, or birds going about their day.

5. Practice a sense of gratitude

Practice being grateful.  

Slow down and embrace each moment with gratitude. Express ‘thank you’ in advance to the Universe for delivering the information you need.  

Go with confidence. 

If this does not come easy, make it a habit that each day you identify at least three things for which you are grateful and write these in your diary. 

6. Creative visualization

Practice ‘creative visualization’ and you will become more in tune with and aware of your intuition. Once again, the alpha state of mind is pivotal. 

In creative visualization, you play the ‘reel of your projection’ but with positive images of you and your future situation. 

7. Free writing

Get a pencil and paper and just write or draw whatever comes into your head without judgment. 

You could do this each day and review to see what patterns appear that day or over time.

8. Wake without an alarm

If you need to be up by a certain time the next day, instead of using an alarm, tell yourself before sleep the time you want to awaken. Expect your intuitive self to wake you at that time. It works for me every time. 

How to strengthen your intuition to work with this? The trick is to rid yourself of fear or anxiety of failing. Sometimes this can be hard.

So I recommend practising this exercise outside of critical times. Trust your intuition and you will have the basis for success.  

Intuition training games that are fun

For fun intuition exercises try playing games like the following. Similar to the above, they will help train your intuition. 

9. Guess who’s calling

When the phone rings or a message notification arrives, try guessing who it is. Practising this type of guessing should allow you to strengthen your intuition without too much concern about failure. 

See how close you become to predicting the outcome. You can make this a fun game for intuition development.

10. Play ‘Memory’ game

Memory is a game where players take turns in finding matching cards from those that are placed face-down. 

You can play this with a normal set of playing cards or a product sold as ‘Memory Game’ with picture cards. 

Not only is this game useful for improving your memory skills, but it will also hone your intuitive abilities. See my article How Memory Links To Intuition In Decision Making.

This is a fun game you can play with others, or you can practice by yourself. In either case, it will help you if you are looking for fun ways on how to increase intuition skills.

11. Play ‘Stratego’ game

Stratego is a board game for two players. Each player has an army and bombs protecting their hidden flag. The aim is to capture the opponent’s flag. 

Winning will require your intuitive thinking as well as logic. 

Not only is the game good for developing trust in your intuition but it also exercises your analytical skills.

Final thoughts on developing intuitive abilities

Accessing intuition is a way to connect with the universe, your God, your inner spirit or higher self, whatever it is, that you regard as the ‘all knowing’. 

Actually, intuition is using your subconscious mind for answers and direction rather than relying solely on logic, which takes you only so far. 

What better way to develop it than with fun intuition games?

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