Trusting Your Intuition: Dealing with a Narcissist


When dealing with a narcissist, your intuition is valuable. Trusting your gut and recognizing red flags can save you from falling into their manipulative traps and a whole lot of grief ahead. Narcissists often use charm and flattery to gain control, but intuition can alert you and help you to see through their facade. It’s …

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The Perfectionism-Anxiety Connection: Understanding and Managing Both


You might be one to try to do everything to perfection. The problem is the anxiety it creates and how it adds to everyday stressors making it harder to cope with life. In this article, I dive into the connection between everyday perfectionism and anxiety, and share tips for managing this loop. Perfectionism and anxiety …

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Recognizing signs of a Perfectionist Via Media

signs of a perfectionists (300 × 168 px)

Wanting to know the signs of a perfectionist? It could be someone you know. Textbooks and similar resources are tricky to consume. So here is my list of movies and songs as well as talks to help you realise the intricacies of a perfectionist. Movies and music communicate so much more than text in some …

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