Understanding Perfectionism Traits Without The Textbooks

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Here is my list of movies, songs, audio, and podcasts to help you realize the intricacies of perfectionism.

Let’s have a look at the ones that indicate to us the specialness and issues of being a perfectionist. Starting with podcasts…

Perfectionism Signs

Signs of a Perfectionist Via Movies, Songs and Talk Shows

I wrote about my top 10 famous perfectionists to show what perfectionism can bring to this world. I’ve also written about the downsides of feeling ‘not good enough’.

Sometimes music and listening to podcasts tell us more about ourselves than reading books…(not discounting the benefit of reading of course) we relate to the artist behind the voice and to stories being told. Hence, I’ve compiled this list from various sources for your inspiration…

List of podcasts on perfectionism

Podcasts looking at perfectionism traits:

  • Michael Hyatt: Win at Work, Succeed at Life – listen in for help with beating perfectionism.
  • Alen Standish: Progress not Perfection. Alen connects his binge eating to perfectionism. Though, his talks relate to how to combat perfectionism in general.
  • Perfectionism – Unfolded Hearts Talk. 
  • The Perfectionism Project – podcast by Sam Laura Brown

movies and series showing perfectionism traits

Movies give a visual of perfectionism at play. Some movies with characters exhibiting perfectionism include:

audios for coping with perfectionism

How to deal with the downsides of perfectionism? Anxiety couples with perfectionism. The daily habits of successful people can help overcome such anxiety.

The following coaching audios may also help.

  • Think Perfect! Overcoming Perfectionism Affirmations: The best affirmations for perfectionists who’d like to be a little less perfectionist! by Kim Fleckenstein 

Music on Being Perfect

Songs can communicate the quirks of being perfect.

  • Pink: Perfect.
  • Kate Perry: Firework.
  • Leonard Cohen: Anthem.
  • Ed Sheeran: Perfect.
  • Kenny Rogers: The Gambler.
    • “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em / Know when to fold ’em / Know when to walk away / And know when to run”
  • 14 free playlists for Perfectionism (via 8tracks)
  • YouTube free playlist: Songs to heal perfectionism

Being Perfect Quotes

Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.

~ Oscar Wilde

Mistakes are the portals of discovery.

~ James Joyce

I am unique. I am important. I will

Ted Talks around perfectionism

See also my article covering the books on perfectionism.

Live and Dare course

Excessive perfectionism and procrastination interfere with personal achievement. I wrote about When and How to Let Go of My Perfectionism.

Fear is at the root of these patterns that keep you stuck. The Live and Dare online training program offers highly effective tips, strategies, and proven techniques to overcome fear and break these patterns…check it out.

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