The Empath Intuition Connection. Benefits of Hypersensitivity

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You know what I mean by picking up vibes, feeling the pain of others and at times, feeling like you don’t belong…if you’re an intuitive empath. You might feel cursed by it, but let’s look at intuition and other blessings of this predicament. I hail from the hypersensitive crowd. I avoid social media and news. …

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Recognizing signs of a Perfectionist Via Media

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Wanting to know the signs of a perfectionist? It could be someone you know. Textbooks and similar resources are tricky to consume. So here is my list of movies and songs as well as talks to help you realise the intricacies of a perfectionist. Movies and music communicate so much more than text in some …

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12 Books on Intuition To Understand & Develop It

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Looking for that ‘gut feeling’ book? Wanting one or two best books on developing intuition? This article might have what you’re looking for. It covers a list of books on intuition for those who want to find out more about this topic! What is intuition and how does it work? Intuition is a natural ability …

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How the Moon Cycle Affects Intuition (Hearsay or Real)

How The Moon Cycle Affects Intuition

Have you ever wondered why some people like to believe planets and the Moon influence our psyche, especially intuition? Isn’t it all phooey? If you believe in astrology, it’s not. But what does astronomy or physics tell us? It is through science that we prove, but through intuition that we discover. Henri Poincare Why might …

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How To Interpret Synchronicities Step By Step

interpreting synchronicities

Do you keep seeing coincidences? And wonder ‘what do they mean’? How do you interpret synchronicities? Here I cover what experts say on interpreting them, including a step-by-step methodical approach for doing that. Coincidences that seem out of the ordinary yet meaningful are intriguing, amusing, and mystical even. They can make us question our very …

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