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Ever get that vibe? Have you ever wondered about those vibes you pick up from another person or a place?

Picking Up Vibes

If you’re a high-vibration person, you may have sensed your energy affecting another’s energy or another’s affecting your’s. You might get either a good or bad vibe.

You’re on the same wavelength. You resonated with them? Or there’s something not quite right about them? You feel some resistance to opening up to them.

Humans resonate at frequencies of 5 – 10 Hz according to one Harvard study. It varies since different brainwave states resonate at different frequencies – explained in my article on the alpha state of mind.

German neurophysiologist Pascal Fries studied the gamma, beta, and theta frequencies from EEG waves of subjects (not sure why alpha doesn’t get a mention). He surmised that human consciousness comes down to these electrical patterns in the brain or in other words, the frequencies to which the brain resonates (also known as brain waves).

This leads to the concept of “panpsychism” – the idea that all matter has some associated consciousness.

Do the coincidences you or I experience happen because of shared frequencies or associated consciousness?

On the same wavelength

There’s this sync in vibrational frequencies called spontaneous self-organization when two things ‘pair’, i.e. share the same frequency. It occurs after close contact for an amount of time. This finding comes from a 2018 study, reported in NeuroScienceNews.

I have pondered this – how everything is connected on a conscious level. Is this how synchronicities work? or how when you’re in the flow and you seek answers that intuition and sparks of insight happen along?

I thought about the latter and saw parallels between this and the Internet. Both are about the flow of information.

With the Internet, we query search engines, which show us sources of data based on algorithms designed to answer our typed or spoken words. It’s evolving technology, supposedly intuitive, which garnishes information from past online activity and user behaviour, to serve up outcomes considered to ‘best’ suit our requests.

In this way, searching the Internet is not unlike the concept of picking up vibes or tapping into our intuition – see the Science Behind Intuition.

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