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Natasa Marinkovic is one of my favourites in the world of intuitive creatives with her passion for journal making, book binding, and upcycling. Her boundless imagination and love for crafting are inspiring. You may find yourself wanting to create something unique and beautiful like the pieces she showcases in her YouTube channel. She takes you step-by-step in tutorials and page by page through her embellished journals and artworks.

Her book, Treasure Bookmaking – Crafting Handmade Sustainable Journals, provides the in and outs of DIY journal making with a goal of igniting your creative spirit. 

Treasure Book Making: Crafting Handmade Sustainable Journals (Create Diary DIYs and Papercrafts without Bookbinding Tools)
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Natasa’s work is not only a reflection of her artistic skills, but also of her commitment to sustainability. Her upcycling efforts demonstrate that beautiful and functional items can be made from discarded materials, and that creativity can help us find new solutions to old problems. Natasa is a true inspiration for anyone seeking to unleash their creative side and make a positive impact.

Natasa holds a double major in Sociology and Behavioral Studies, and a Diploma in Beauty Therapy. With her diverse skill set, Natasa has managed to run a successful beauty salon for a decade while pursuing her passion for teaching and creating.

Her YouTube channel, Treasure Books, is a trove of over 200 videos, bursting with tutorials that are both educational and fun. It’s no surprise that her channel has become a go-to destination for anyone looking to learn the art of journal making and book binding with a difference.

Currently calling Melbourne, Australia her home, Natasa pursues her passion for creating and teaching through Treasure Books. Her dedication and imaginative spark have made her a true trailblazer in the worlds of art and beauty.

YT: – Channel with 191K subscribers, 315 videos, and over 20M views, started 2013. Location: Australia.

You’ll also find her inspiration in these places:

  • Instagram: @treasurebooks03
  • Etsy: TreasureBooksStudio

What sets Natasa apart is her intuitive approach to upcycling and art – Her ability to transform discarded materials into beautiful and functional items. I highly recommend for anyone seeking to tap their intuition through creativity to check out Natasa’s approach to turning trash into treasure for inspiration.

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