Great Meditation

Offering support through guided meditation

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Great Meditation offers daily meditations that are original in voice, sound and message. Each video on the channel features material written, spoken, edited and produced by a collaborative group of individuals.

What sets this channel apart is the originality in the spoken voice, the background sounds and the crafted message, produced as an original each day.

The meditations are created collaboratively by a team of individuals who are dedicated to producing high quality content. The voice of the meditations is soothing and the background music is relaxing, making it easy to unwind and focus.

What’s more, each meditation is only 10 minutes long, allowing you to easily fit it into your day. If you’re looking for something specific, you can always go back and browse through past videos. Overall, Great Meditation is an excellent resource for anyone looking to improve their daily mindfulness practice.

As of December 11, 2023, their content has gained significant popularity: Over 1.01M subscribers, 693 videos, and 100,162,572 views

Location: Based in Canada.

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Started: June 9, 2014.


I am not affiliated in anyway but I am a regular user of the channel Great Meditation and I find a 10-min morning meditation from this channel grounds me, offering me clarity and focus for the day ahead. I highly recommend Great Meditation if you’re looking for a guided daily meditation that is enjoyable and easy to incorporate into a busy schedule.

Have you noticed any changes in your daily life since starting to watch Great Meditation’s daily meditations?

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