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Your intuition is your guide—learn to hear it through journaling!

Distinguish between your intuition, misguided instincts, fear, or other emotions. Get to know when and how your intuition performs best. Don’t solely rely on your memory bank!

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Transform your thoughts into intuition-driven decisions!

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Enhance Self-Awareness

Delve deeper into your thoughts and emotions to uncover what your gut choice tells you. Record any signals or feelings behind your choice and rate your success.

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Boost Decision-Making

Learn to know and trust your intuition to make confident choices. Begin with small steps and progress as you refine your intuition to achieve objectives.

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Personal Growth

ultivate a stronger connection with yourself and your innate guidance system. Treat this journal as a companion.

What’s inside?

Each page is dedicated to recording a single event

Includes pages for 12 weeks with one entry per day

Running total boxes for monitoring progress

Inspiring famous quotes to encourage and inspire

Sections for noting observations on events and patterns

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Why a journal?

By regularly writing down your thoughts, feelings, and experiences, you create a space for introspection and self-awareness.

An intuition journal can be powerful tool.

Tracking patterns in your entries about events where you’ve gone with your ‘gut feelings’ can help you uncover insights about the performance of your intuition.

Reflecting on past entries can help you identify intuition vs other drivers. It can empower confident decision-making based on a better grasp of your inner voice workings.

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Want to improve your decision making skills?

Start by tracking your choices to help you build trust in your decision-making using your inner wisdom. Treasure a better understanding of your gut feelings vs fear.

Unlock the potential of your intuition with this companion journal and begin making more aligned choices in work, business, social, study, and/or home life.

Get the INTUITION JOURNAL for developing your intuition and getting to know your gut feelings  – by MAJ.

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