Signs of Synchronicity: Examples in Life

meaningful coincidence, synchronicity

Do you follow your intuition? Are you receiving signs or messages, signs that appear as meaningful coincidences. A coincidence with meaning that occurs with no causal link to the correlating event is called synchronicity. Here I look at signs of synchronicity examples. Table of Contents What Does Coincidence Mean? What is Synchronicity? About Carl Jung …

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Fun Intuition Test and Intuition Games

intuition games, intuition test

Because intuition helps with in problem solving and making decisions, here are some fun games, involving an intuition test, to help develop your intuition. Intuition is “a brain process that gives people the ability to make decisions without the use of analytical reasoning”, according to Live Science May 20, 2016. Intuition Test How intuitive am …

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Science of Intuition. How Do Intuitive People Know What They Know?

science behind intuition, science of intuition

Today, intuition is a legitimate subject of scientific inquiry. There’s no denying intuition exists. Countless well-known people acknowledge it and there are intuitive people who show signs and ‘live’ it. In this article I pay attention to what research tells us about intuition. As far as science goes, is intuition real? Does intuition exist? Are …

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Books on Perfectionism

The following is my list of books on perfectionism with brief reviews that you may find useful. Perfectionists are “obsessives who need to feel in control at all times to protect themselves and ensure their own safety”, according to Jeanette Dewyze and Dr. Allan Mallinger in Too Perfect: When Being in Control Gets Out of …

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