We take the protection of your information seriously and are committed to ensuring the security of all customer data. New privacy regulations now require sites like to give site users a process for opting out of any potential practice where personal information might be sold. Although we do not sell personal information for monetary value, our actions may be considered a “sale” under the CCPA.

As a California resident, you can choose whether you want this sharing or not.  

The data considered “personal information” according to these laws include cookies, IP addresses, and device IDs. This is the type of data we share with third-party companies (such as Google or Amazon) for analytics and when you click through to products for sale. 

Our Privacy Policy describes the limited circumstances in which we may share your information with third parties outside Heart of Substance.

When we share data with others, it’s with strict privacy protections and for limited reasons.

Remember, we don’t sell data that directly identifies you unless we have your explicit permission, no matter what choice you make here. We appreciate your support, whichever way you ask us to handle your data.